Tuscany has over 3000 years of history to look back on. Romans, aristocracy and the middle-classes all left behind their mark. Those loyal to the emperor fought bitterly against those loyal to the Pope, the Medici made a name for themselves as supporters of art.

Tuscan timeline

Etruscans and Romans

1000 B.C. - First traces of the Etruscans

800 B.C. - Founding of Etruscan city states such as Populonia, Fiesole, Arezzo or Volterra; later the League of Twelve, territorial expansion as far as Rome

510 B.C. - The Etruscan King is driven out of Rome

From 350 B.C. - Rome captures Etruria, numerous Roman colonies are founded

Toskanalive - Geschichte - Toskana, ItalienFrom 400 A.D. - Migration of the peoples, leading to the devastation in Tuscany

476 - Fall of the West Roman Empire

568 - Rule of the Langobards, Dukedom of Tuscany is founded

774 - Franks conquer the country under Carl the Great and proclaim it to be the Franconian province of Tuszia, from the 9th century a county

Conflict of Investitures: Loyalty to the Pope contra Emperor

From 1050 - Rise of rival city states in the Conflict of Investitures (Battle of power emperor/pope), Florence becomes the imperial city, Pisa is victorious against the Saracens and become an important naval power

From 1100 - Rivalry between the guelfic (loyal to the Pope) Florence, Lucca and Montepulciano and the ghibellinian (loyal to the emperor) cities Pistoia, Pisa, Siena and Arezzo

1260 - Siena's victory over Florence at the Battle of Montaperti

Bank crash and Plague

1342 - Economical crisis, Bankruptcy in Florence and Siena

1348 - Half of Tuscany's population dies during the Plague. Cities such as Siena and San Gimignano loose power

From 1397 - Rise of the banking family Medici in Florence

1406 - Florence conquers Pisa and thusly gains a port

Toskanalive - Geschichte - Toskana, ItalienMedici Era

1434 - Cosimo il Vecchio founds the Medici era in Florence, supports art

From 1494 - Carl VIII occupies Florence, Medici are driven out twice

1537 - Cosimo I. takes over power in Florence

1555 - The last free citizen's republic Siena is defeated by Florence

From 1569 - Tuscany becomes a dukedom under Cosimo I.

1737 - The last Medici Gian Gastone dies, the grand duchy Tuscany falls to the Habsburg-Lorraine (equality of all citizens)

Habsburg-Lorraine Dukes

From 1799 - Napoleonic occupation of Tuscany

From 1814 - Renewed reign of the Habsburg dukes (expansion of the infrastructure, drainage of the swamps)

1848 - Tuscany's first constitution

Toskanalive - Geschichte - Toskana, ItalienRepublic and Kingdom

1849 - Proclamation of the Tuscan Republic

1860 - Referendum in favour of joining Kingdom of Italy

From 1865 - Florence becomes provisional capital of Kingdom for seven years

Last Century

From 1920 - Rise of Fascism under Mussolini, 1936 Hitler-Stalin-Pact

From 1940 - Second World War, cities such as Pisa, Livorno and San Gimignano are devastated

1946 - Proclamation of Italian Republic, Tuscany is one of the 18 provinces

1966 - Devastating flood in Florence


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