Giglio Island

Crystal clear waters surround the second largest Tuscan island, almost 20 kilometres separate it from the mainland. In addition to beautiful beaches and excellent diving areas, Isola di Giglio offers wild nature, which is ideal for taking long walks and hikes.

The ferry journey from Porto Santo Stefano is when the magic of Giglio starts, as it rises out of the Tyrrhenian Sea as a 496 metre granite rock.

Mediterranean macchia covers most of the island, olive trees, pine and oak trees provide shade. Numerous animals and plants have adapted especially to this island and can only be found here.

Protected nature

The climate is mild and sunny, it very rarely rains- Giglio lies in a nice weather zone. For a few years, the southwest and parts of the surrounding waters have been part of the national park of the Tuscan archipelago. The conservation area has numerous donkey paths, which are ideal for hiking.

Hiking and diving

A few paths lead to the idyllic sandy bays, which break up the rocky coast. The waters that are home to many fish, and the clear view under water have made Isola di Giglio famous in diving circles. The island is home to many diving schools.


Many visitors only come to the island for one day. Anyone wishing to stay longer however, can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere without being disturbed. It's advisable to book accommodation early, not only during the high season in July and August.

Towns and beaches in Giglio

The three districts of Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Campese have been defined by interesting pasts. The beautiful bays in Campese, Arenella, Cannelle and Caldane are the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing swim. more

Ferries to Giglio

Zwei Fährgesellschaften steuern den Hafen von Porto Santo Stefano an, um Passagiere auf die benachbarte Isola del Giglio zu bringen. Die aktuellen Fahrzeiten und Tarife von Maregiglio und Toremar helfen bei der Reiseplanung. more


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San Lorenzo

10th August, patron's festival in Giglio Porto

San Rocco

16th August, patron's festival in Giglio Campese

San Mamiliano

15th September, patron's festival in Giglio Castello

Preseppe subacqueo

25th December, underwater nativity set in Giglio Campese

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