Porto Santo Stefano

The classy town of Porto Santo Stefano is situated in a protected bay on the Monte Argentario peninsula. Exclusive villas, yachts and ferries all define the beautiful port.

The harbour is a lively place when ferries dock and local fishing boats bring their catches home. The beautiful landscape is defined by Monte Argentario, which has a cliff-face of 635 metres.

Wonderful views

Three headlands connect the peninsula to the South Tuscan mainland. Following the beautiful panorama street along macchia and vineyards, an elegant holiday resort on the northern side of Monte Argentario can be reached.

Spanish Fortress

A 16th century Spanish fortress is proof of the historic importance of Porto Santo Stefano as one of the most important bases of the Spanish merchant fleet. The castle survived the bombardments of the Second World War, which completely destroyed the rest of the town.

Natural class

The nice atmosphere of the former fishing village was not lost through the rebuilding of the old town. Even today, large hotel complexes are not part of the scenery. Thanks to the financial power and enthusiastic environmental protection of influential celebrities, the peninsula of Monte Argentario was able to retain most of its original nature.

Feste von Porto Santo Stefano

Das bunteste Fest auf dem Monte Argentario ist das Ruderturnier Palio Marinaro, das im August zahlreiche Besucher anzieht. Auch bei der Segelregatta Pasquavela ist das Meer bestimmendes Element. more

Ferries to Giglio

Zwei Fährgesellschaften steuern den Hafen von Porto Santo Stefano an, um Passagiere auf die benachbarte Isola del Giglio zu bringen. Die aktuellen Fahrzeiten und Tarife von Maregiglio und Toremar helfen bei der Reiseplanung. more


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