Beautiful, wide, sandy beaches, a promenade lined with luxurious villas and palm trees and the world-famous carnival, have turned Viareggio into one of the most attractive resorts on the Tuscan coast.

As early as the 19th century, the mundane Viareggio attracted visitors with its beaches and colourful nightlife. The yacht harbour is one of the most popular of the entire Mediterranean.

Viareggio stretches in front of the charming backdrop of evergreen pine groves and impressive mountains, where the town's marshes were only dried out in the 18th century.

Only a few historical sights remain. On of these is the watchtower Torre Matilde, the town's landmark, which was built in the 16th century and stands hidden in the lanes of the old town.

First lido

The city became independent at the beginning of the 19th century. The first harbour was built, hotels soon followed. Cosmopolitan Viareggio opened one of the first lidos in Italy. The clearly structured street network is in complete contrast with its colourful, relaxed atmosphere!

Beach promenade in Liberty-Style

The first artists and affluent art lovers came to the young town in around 1900. A carefully designed promenade was built, however the wooden structure burned down in 1917.

The promenade, the Passeggiata, was reconstructed under the management of the architects Chini and Belluomini. Their style combines Jugenstil with Art Deco, adds soft forms and incorporated oriental accents. Many of the villas and palaces along the long boulevard were built in this time, including the popular Grande Caff´┐Ż Margherita.

Popular yacht harbour and nightlife

The beautiful buildings along the promenade and its side streets house numerous restaurants, bars, elegant boutiques and hotels. The Via Battisti runs parallel to the Passeggiata, where market halls host many different markets, for example a large fish market.

Discos and boutiques are well visited and are as much a part of Viareggio as the luxurious yachts and simple fishing boats in the harbour. The wharves in the port are well known for building prizewinning sailing yachts.

Viareggio's beaches

Viareggio's long, sandy beaches are said to be the most beautiful beaches in northern Tuscany. In places, the beaches are 200 metres wide; the water quality is classed as very good. more

Festivals in Viareggio

The Carnelvale di Viareggio can easily be compared with Venice or Rio! The magnificent wagons enjoy worldwide fame. One extraordinary highlight is the Festival Pucciano, where his operas find a magnificent stage. more


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Antiques market

Popular market held on the last weekend of the month

Weekly market

Thursdays in the Piazza Cavour

Fish market

Daily in the Mercato Centrale


Carnevale di Viareggio

January/ February, large carnival

Giacomo Puccini Festival

July/ August, Open-Air opera

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