The district of Montalcino in the south of the Chianti is today always named in the same breath as the famous Brunello wine. However, there is more to the beautiful town, where the mediaeval centre has been skillfully restored.

The small city lies 600 metres above sea level in a cultivated landscape. From the old fortress walls you can enjoy a breathtaking view of seemingly endless pine boulevards, old estates and structured vineyards.

Mediaeval castle

The massive city walls, bastions and towers of the defensive fortezza protected Montalcino from many attacks. The Medici family could not bring Montalcino under its rule until the 16th century, when it became the last town in Tuscany to be added to their grand duchy. The town hall Palazzo Comunale, still draws surprised looks today thanks to its high tower.

Interesting Museum

An impressive collection that used to be housed in the former Augustine convent can now be visited in the newly designed Museo Civico e Diocesano. First class wine and local specialties are all part of the culinary pleasures to be enjoyed in Montalcino.

Nobel wine Brunello

The winegrower Biondi-Santi developed his elite Brunello wine of perfect quality in Montalcino. Both great years of 1888 and 1891 are slowly becoming monuments in the wine world.

Anyone wanting to market their wine under the world renowned Brunello label today must fulfill strict conditions concerning storage and production. The winegrowers are united in a cooperative and grow their grapes in an area bordered by river valleys.

Festivals in Montalcino

The famous festival Sagra del Tordo and the Torneo di Apertura are two colourful festivals held each year in Montalcino. The town's archers and regional culinary delights are at the centre of both festivals. more


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