Florence has more art treasures in one space than any other place in the world. The amount of unique monuments in Gothic and Renaissance styles, world famous museums and gardens seem almost unreal.

Additionally, the lively Tuscan capital entices with beautiful squares, bright shops and events.

World-class architectural masterpieces decorate the streets and squares in the city, which has a population of only 500.000.

Florence - The Tuscan capital

Visitors are fascinated by the wonderful squares such as the Piazza della Signoria, which have representative palaces and fountains or the Piazza del Duomo with its famous churches.

Florence is no idyllic holiday town however. Even the other side of the lively city such as traffic jams and pollution are ever present.

Despite this, the much-visited metropolis has a romantic atmosphere during the evening hours. The historical houses turn silver in the evening, domes and towers shimmer gold in the evening sun.

Ponte Vecchio

The oldest bridge in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio, stretches over the Arno and is one of the city's landmarks. The bridge was given the appearance it has today, complete with 3 large archways, in 1345.

Small houses were built on these, which are surrounded by wooden shelled stores on the car-free bridge. For centuries, only goldsmiths have been permitted to offer their decorative products.

History of Florence

Florence became one of the most influential banking and trading cities in Europe. Under the Medici, the city was known as the intellectual-cultural centre of the renaissance. Florence was a republic, grand duchy and even the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. more

Dome and churches in Florence

Florence has countless, unique and beautiful churches. Masterpieces such as the Dome or Santa Croce bear witness to the city's turbulent past. They are a reflection of religion, power and of course, magnificent Florentine art. more

Florentine palaces - Palazzi

Over one hundred beautiful palaces adorn the old town of Florence and symbolise the power of the city's upper class. Anyone who walks through the streets outside of the most popular places will be able to discover numerous other residences for themselves. more

Uffizi and Museums

Florence is known as the city of Museums. In addition to Uffizi, Bargello and Galeria del'Accademia, over 60 other museums and galleries display unique art treasures and educate about the culture and history of Tuscany. more

The gardens in Florence

The vast gardens of the Medici dominated horticulture during the Renaissance. Even today, the artful Gardini di Boboli are among the most charming villa gardens. They form a beautiful oasis in the middle of Florence. more

Festivals in Florence

Florence has spectacular and traditional festivals to offer. The Calcio Storico, a predecessor of today's football, which is played in historical costumes, is famous. And at the Scioppio del Carro, nothing is spared. more




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Mercato Centrale - San Lorenzo

Weekdays, nicest and largest market hall with street market

Mercato S. Ambrogio

Weekdays, Piazza Ghiberti, original market hall

Mercato delle Cascine

Tuesdays, Cascine-Park at the Arno, colourful market

Mercato Fiore

Thursdays, in front of the main post office, flower market

Mercato delle Pulci

At the weekend, Piazza dei Ciompi, flea market

Alternative market

Second Sunday of the month, Piazza Santo Spirito


Scioppio del Carro

Easter Sunday, interesting spectacle

Calcio Storico

24th June, historical football game


7th September, Lantern festival

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