Who wouldn't be amazed at the charm of this small city, where time seems to have stood still? The buildings shimmer reddish brown in the sunshine; Italy's Gothic style dominates the architecture.

A charming labyrinth of mediaeval lanes surrounds the Piazza del Campo, one of Italy's most beautiful squares. The historical centre of Siena is lively but relaxed.

Siena's car-free old town

Cars were banned from Siena's old town decades ago. City walls completely surround the city centre, which can only be entered through impressive city gates.

Today's "Siena red" townscape dates back to the High Middle Ages.

The Contrade

The province town Siena stretches over three hills, which define the city's districts. Additionally, 17 districts have been established, the Contrade.

Beautiful coats of arms decorate the walls of the houses (eagle, tower, goose etc.) and signalise which neighbourhood community the street belongs to. Every Sienese feels connected to their Contrada- and will passionately defend its honour.

History of the city

Siena developed into a flourishing commercial and banking centre around the Francstreet, which was continually rivaled by Florence. The free city republic of Siena enjoyed a time of prosperity during the 13th and 14th centuries. more

Piazza del Campo

The famous mussel-shaped Piazza del Campo connects the three parts of the city and forms the heart of Siena. more

Dome and churches

Siena's dome is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Italy. more

Siena's museums

Siena has a multitude of museums. Together with the city's galleries, they display unique art treasures and educate about the culture and history of Siena and the whole of Tuscany. more

 The Palio in Siena

The Palio in Siena

Twice yearly, the areas of town compete in one of the most difficult races in Europe. more

Concerts in Siena

The cultural scene in Siena is diverse. In addition to the traditional Palio, the city offers musical highlights during the summer months with classical concerts and the Festival Siena Jazz. more


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Daily market

daily on the Piazza del Mercato

Weekly market

Wednesdays on the Piazza La Lizza

Flea market

3rd sunday of the month on the Piazza del Mercato


2nd July and 16th August

Palio, famous riding tournament

in the summer

Various classical music concerts

July/ August

Siena Jazz, festival and seminars

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