The green capital of the Pistoia province lies in the fertile plains of the Ombrone River. The Apennine Mountains frame the greenhouses and factories of the modern city and its historical centre.

The Romans settled here at the bottom of this mountain range in northern Tuscany. Today, Pistoia is the centre of horticulture and the site of metal processing plants (Breda). The city brought attention to itself early on as a weapon smithy, the pistol is said to have been invented here.

Firearms and horticulture

Expanding on this, the people of Pistoia eventually specialized in the somewhat less mysterious production of surgical instruments. The vast and well-known gardens of the city provide a welcome contrast to this.

Lively centre: Piazza della Sala

The lively Piazza della Sala not only serves the residents of Pistoia as a market place, but also as a meeting point. The goings on around the diverse stands and sleek 15th century fountains can be observed here.

Sights in Pistoia

The Piazza del Duomo forms the historical centre of the city, which is surrounded by well-maintained city walls. Impressive churches and palazzi adorn the crooked old town of Pistoia. more

Festivals in Pistoia

In July things get very lively in Pistoia. That is when the individual quarters in the city compete in an historic jousting spectacle La Giostra dell'Orso. Additionally, the well-known Festival Pistoia Blues draws blues greats from all over the world to Pistoia. more




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Weekly market

Wednesdays and Saturdays in the dome square

Leather and Shoes

Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Piazza dello Spirito Santo

Market quarter

Weekdays around the Piazza della Sala

Antiques market

2nd weekend of the month, at the Via Pacinotti


Giostra dell'Orso

25th July, spectacular knight festival

Pistoia Blues

in July, festival with Blues and more

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