Water sports

The clear waters of the blue sea are the perfect place for activities such as surfing, diving and swimming. The coast can also be discovered by boat, the Tyrrhenian Sea is known as a good area for sailing.


The area around the islands and along the Tuscan coast offers diverse sailing. Numerous well-equipped harbours and worthwhile destinations make Elba the perfect spot for sailors. The peninsula Argentario in the south, Giglio or the northern island Capraia are also popular spots.

Varied sailing area

The wind mostly blows from the west in this area. It can however, come from other directions due to the scirocco or thermic winds. Beginners prefer to stay in the protected bays; experts can sail to Corsica on a good day.

Fascinating sailing groups

Blue seas, blue skies, white sails, the conditions are often ideal, which is why Tuscany has world famous sailing schools. Organised sailing groups, but also one-man boats, catamarans and yachts can take you on fascinating tours. Anyone who enjoys smaller boats, such as kayaks, rowing boats or pedal boats, will also find the perfect spots for excursions.


Diving is especially interesting around the islands, but the Tuscan coast also has good diving spots. Visibility of up to 30 metres makes the blue seas perfect for diving.

Mediterranean underwater world

The Island's coasts are rocky. Reefs and cliffs form the backdrop to dives in a magnificent Mediterranean underwater world.

The diving areas are full of shimmering schools of fish and larger fish also. Barracudas, langoustines, moraines and octopus can all be discovered here. Fields of magnificent gorgons enrich the underwater world.


Windsurfer, but also surfers and water-ski fans will find the perfect spots to enjoy their hobbies on the Tuscan archipelago and the coastal regions of the mainland.


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