A masterful cycle of frescos from the Renaissance, a historical town centre, as well as gold jewelry have made Arezzo famous. The old, but lively city lies at the top of a hill, surrounded by valleys.

Arezzo can look back on a long town history. The geographically convenient location at the cross point of the surrounding valleys may have played a part in this.

Toskanalive - Arezzo - Toskana, ItalienThe town was already an important seat of government during the Etruscan era.

Subsequently, Arezzo became a main Roman centre and was able to retain its position during the Middle Ages.

Gold jewelry as an economic factor

Today, the Aretinic old town is surrounded by the more modern quarters, situated lower than the centre.

The most important economic factor of the historical province capital, besides clothing, is the production of gold jewelry. The decorative pieces are sold directly after being made, or profitably exported.

Places of interest in Arezzo

Arezzo became well known throughout the world due to the magnificent cycle of frescos by Piero della Francesca. Surrounding the city's park Prato are the beautiful old town with the Piazza Grande, the fortress of the Medici, the parish church and the dome, which is the highest point in town. more

Festivals in Arezzo

Arezzo's mediaeval tournament, Giostra del Saracino belongs to Tuscany's spectacular competitions. Twice a year, the town quarters face each other in a joust. The popular Festival Arezzo Wave offers musical highlights. more


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Fiera Antiquaria

1st weekend of the month, giant antique market on the Piazza Grande

Weekly market



Arezzo Wave

The beginning of July, large music festival in the stadion

Giostra del Saracino

June/ September, historical mediaeval tournament

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