As one of the oldest settlements in Italy, Cortona has numerous churches as well as a wonderfully chaotic of small lanes and squares. The views of Crete and Chiana valley all the way to the Lago Trasimeno are unbeatable.

Cortona was founded by the Umbrians and passed on to the Etruscans. Finally, the blooming settlement came under the power of the Romans, before ending up in the hands of the Florentines. Strong, weathered walls surround Cortona and bear witness to an eventful past.

Steep cobbled lanes

Modern town quarters at the foot of the historic city lead to the old city gates, which give admittance to mediaeval ambience. As narrow as they are steep, the cobbled lanes and stairways lead up to the lively city squares.

Lively squares

The Piazza della Repubblica lies in the centre of town. It is surrounded by the town hall, the Palazzo Comunale, with its wide-open staircase and the magnificent Palazzo Pretorio. This is where the Etruscan museum is housed, included in the large collection is a historically important 57kg heavy grave luminaire from the 5th century.

Churches and art

Streets with small shops and workshops lead away from the main square. Beautiful churches with Romanesque, gothic and renaissance elements and the magnificent diocesan museum, complete with highly valued works of art can be seen along the way. The famous painters Luca Signorelli (1450-123) and Pietro da Cortona (1596-1669) are from here.

Beautiful view of the Chiana valley

The fascinating ruins of the old Medici fortress crown Cortona. From a height of about 650 metres, you can view the harmonic Chiana valley and the adjoining swathes of land. Under the fortress, the pilgrim's church Santa Margherita, which hosts the patron saint of the city, is located.

Monastery founded by Assisi

A few kilometres away from Cortona, you can find the simple Convento delle Celle, which lies next to a mountain stream. According to lore, in 1211 Francis of Assisi personally founded the monastery, which is still in use today.

Festivals in Cortona

Cortona is well known for its festivals full of culinary delights. One of these is the Sagra della Bisteca, which is held in August and is extremely popular. The traditional archery competition, Giostra dell' Archidado, is held in May. more


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Saturdays in the Piazza Signorelli


Giostra dell'Archidado

End of May, archery festival

Sagra della Bistecca

15th August, gastronomy festival

Antique furniture fair

August/ September im Palazzo Vagnotti

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