Travel information

Our travel information provides you with important telephone numbers for emergencies or to block your credit cards. Our A to Z of travel information will tell you everything you need to know.


Farmacias can even be found in smaller places. The network of pharmacies is as comprehensive in Italy as at home. more


Plenty of doctors can be found. There are first-aid stations created specifically for tourists, the Guardia Medica Turistica in addition to the other Italian doctor's surgeries and clinics. more


There is no doubt, that Tuscany is a very good place for campers. Especially on the coast, plenty of camping grounds can be found, all with different standards. more

Documents and immigration

EU and Swiss citizens need a valid ID card or passport. Children and youths must have their own documentation. more


The Euro is the valid currency throughout Tuscany and Italy. Credit cards are usually accepted in many stores and hotels. more

Opening times

The Mediterranean siesta is taken seriously in Tuscany: In the midday hours, not much takes place in the shops and on the streets. more


Anyone who talks about Tuscany, has a year-round weather format in mind: tepid winter, mild spring and autumn and a hot, dry summer. This is always the case, when the grand scheme of things isn't changed. more


The telephone network in Italy is extensive, telephone booths can be found in every small village. The country code for Italy is 0039. The regional code, including the first zero, must always be dialed. more


Italian is spoken in Tuscany. Anyone visiting the cultural highlights of the region, in the larger cities and tourist sports, will be able to get by in English. more

Time difference

Tuscany is in the Central European time zone. There is a time difference of +1 hour from the UK. more


Tuscanylive - Tuscany Travel Magazine

Tel. 113

Tel. 118

Fire brigade (Vigili del Fuoco)
Tel. 115

Police (Carabinieri)
Tel. 112

Breakdown service ACI
Tel. 116

How do I get to Tuscany or Elba?

The latest ferry timetables and prices, as well as good value rental cars. An overview of information on getting there and getting around. more

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